Monday, November 05, 2007


Life is very strange and wonderful.

Ever since I started taking photographs (40 years ago, in fact) I wanted to emulate the "great" photographers of the 1920's thru the 1960's. If I could do that, then I too must be "great". Or so the theory went.

Recently, I have shortened the cycle-time between image capture and final "product" by moving to digital. What's happened for me is an extremely rapid development of my own view(s) of the world. Image quality has improved. The chemical darkroom and even the hand coated palladium processes sit idle. Instead, electrons whiz around, sharing images, gathering feedback, stacking up more views then I ever got from gallery shows.

I don't so much care what the "greats" have done, nor do I wish to any longer emulate them. What I want is to continue to uncover that which is uniquely "me". Hopefully there will be enough time between now and when I become food for the worms that I will have created something of value to someone. Someone like "me".

Light from Within