I'm enjoying seeing your work and how you are assimilating the instruction.  Pretty dramatic stuff, l from what I've seen on your camera's LCDs.

Terribly sorry I couldn't make it to tonight's vernissage.  As such, could you bring any prints you would to share to next week's class?  Maybe we should make that Homework Assignment Part I.  Yes.  Please bring any prints you might have and we'll take a look together.

Using the lighting setup we used last today, you can create the lighting style found in the attached art (I included works of Manet, Renoir, and others as examples).  Simply move the lights further to the side and make sure you play with the distance the reflector is to the subject to achieve the right balance between the light side and shadow side.

Keep in mind that simple one light + reflector setup was used early on by the photographer in this link.  Bill Gekas is ALL over the world right now and in ALL manner of publications.  Take a close look and see if you agree with me as to why he's so popular.  I feel his photography ROCKS!  And with the knowledge you now have, your's does too.  Fun, isn't it??? [there are three different links in the previous paragraph]

Now onto Homework Assignment Part II.  Please process an image or two (or more) from today's shoot ahead of next week's class, forward them to me, and I will share them with Aubrey, our today's model.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.  I'm happy to help. 

I'll send out next week's art to reverse engineer later this week.

Regards - Christopher Mark Perez