Thursday, February 18, 2021

Small sensors and reducing file sizes...

A friend sent me a Sony HX90V 30x point and shoot camera to play around with.  He said there's nothing wrong with carrying a 30x zoom "toy camera" since it fits nicely in a pocket.

The HX90V small sensor has a narrow dynamic range and tends to be rather "noisy", even at low ISO.  These things, compared with the APS-C Sony mirrorless cameras.

Just for grins, I decided to see what would happen if I reduced the file sizes and to see if or where image quality might come close to the APS-C performance.

Here is what I found.

[As always, click on the following image and enlarge it to 100 percent to observe any differences]


Nice 2021


The images down the center of the panel are 100 percent full resolution crops of their respective base images.  The superiority of  the APS-C system in terms of pure image quality is evident.

Looking at the downsized images at 100 percent (the images down the right side of the panel) show things have pretty much "evened out."  The HX90V photos look pretty good.  The only somewhat minor differences being in color rendition.

Which goes to show that a little 30x zoom point and shoot camera is just fine for sharing images across the internet.

And if you don't live or die by side by side comparisons with other systems, with proper care and handling the little HX90V Sony can turn out rather acceptable images, even for up to A3 size prints.

Nice 2021

Sony HX90V image from
a walk around Mont Boron, Nice, France

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

It is nice in Nice...

Yesterday was a glorious day here in Nice.

My wife and I went for a nice walk along the sea.  I had the Sony HX90V with me and shot a few images.

One was a set of images to be used to create a panorama.
Just this morning I stitched the image using Hugin.

I think it came out well enough.  It is over 10,000 pixels on the long side and contains a nice amount of detail.  It should print very large with ease.

All this from a little Point and Shoot camera.  You know the type.  It's the kind of camera that very few people carry these days.
Yes, I am now officially well behind the curve when it comes to using "new" cameras and lenses and keeping up with the "in" crowd.
Nice Port ~ 2021