Friday, March 30, 2007


I am experimenting with the use of a table top tripod and the 2 second delay self timer as a means of getting proper resolution with out the use of the traditional cable release.

I notice too that the contrast and apparent resolution of these images changes depending upon the display they are viewed from. On my desktop, this has a "creamy" appearance and the resolution is suspect. But on my laptop and a few CRTs I have laying around, this has the desired contrast and resolution. Hmmm...


I worked this from two angles to see how I might respond emotionally to various aspects of this scene. I don't have many conclusions yet. But one thing I noticed is just how "flat" the final image looks when this drinking fountain was photographed straight on.


I am testing a new workflow to see if I can get back to Palladium final prints while retaining the resolution I'm looking for up to "whole plate" or 8x10 image sizes.

This was handheld and the resolution of the original image holds up better than I expected.

Also, I'm studying how various positions around a subject change the mood and other visual parameters.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


The rent has been raised on this studio space, so... it's off to find somewhere else to click the shutter.


We happened to be in the studio because a friend of the family wanted to have some pre-nup photos taken. We spent probably 2 and 1/2 hours having fun and watching the flash units go off.


These were taken using a Mamiya RZ with it's standard 110mm Z optic and a pair of Alien Bee monoblocks.


Family pictures! Don't you just love it!!!


Sometimes this culture's litter, trash, and discarded items devolved into a cheap and cheesey art.


I wonder if a culture of "gleaners" will spring up to reclaim all the raw and processed materials that litter our public spaces?


I wonder what will become of our culture after the raw materials used to produce these transitory things is no longer available?


In other cultures at other times, a name would be held in high regard and everything possible would be done to protect that name.

In consumer cultures, a name is only a means to an end. Very commonly a name is used to evoke an emotional response that triggers the sale of a non-durable item.

I can't imagine how corporation allow their names to become trash. But this is litterally the case! After someone is parted from their money, the name is no longer needed and reputations, values, and services become immaterial.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Peeps strike again!

Study in transformation

Running Linux and using the GIMP, here is a copy of what I started with and where I ended up.

I have a LOT to learn about digi-toy image manipulation. One thing I'm impressed by is the resolution of the 10mpixel plasti-wonder-device. Now... if only I can get this resolution through the printer and onto Palladium or even native archival digi-prints...


It must be Spring. The Peeps are in the store!