Friday, February 11, 2011

SilverShotz - model credits

Fourteen images have been published in SilverShotz magazine. Since there wasn't room in the publication to credit the models, I want to do that here.

First, on the inside front cover is Eyerish Heather Collins.

Bogville - Eyelet V. Wayward

Jay Lieber

Bogville - Mordalial Abrams

Uxepi Ipexu

Bogville- Maestro Crunk Vaultz


Bogville - LadyShade

This is bad form. I don't remember who this is.


Grayson White

Bogville - just before the show

Kris White



Bogville - they Mayor's Son

Noah Mickens

Bogville - Mayor in repose

Kate Badenoch

Bogville - Malachi

Thursday, February 10, 2011

SilverShotz Magazine hits the stands...

I can't wait to get home to see how the issue turned out and which images were chosen. The anticipation... the anticipation...

Rising Motion - Age of Mutations

The Muses Steam and Hiss, Crackle and Fizz. The Muses scream of Irreversible Past and ponder Unknowable Future. The Muses close their ears to the Unfathomable and open their eyes to the Dreams of Squids and Red Herrings Daring. Laviathans of deep dark dank wriggle and slither between Coral Towers.

Reve et Savoir

Cheating Death tears the spirit to render both matter and reality substantially modified. The costs of changing forever ones fate is impossibly high.

Command to Enter

Into the vastness of time, come all ye whom dare dash the madness of life. Come all ye to whom life means little. Come all ye whom desire to taste and test the three ring circus of the fates.