Friday, September 19, 2014

Schedule of Events ~ 2014

Here is another installment of what to do when in France and how to keep your camera or your eyes happy.

  • 9 Sept - 21 Dec ~ Eggleston's work at the Cartier-Bresson Foundation  (thanks to Al Arthur for the tip)
  • 14 Oct - 8 Feb ~ Winogrand at Jeu de Paume   (thanks to Al Arthur for the tip)
  • TODAY!!!  8 Novembre 2014 ~ Paris Zombie Walk ~ A wonderful defile of very creative people through the streets of Paris.
  • November 29, 30 ~ Expo photo steampunk : Le Paris des Mystères ! ~ My images as part of a shared effort with many creative people will be shown during the Toulouse Game Show (Toulouse).
  • January ~ La Traversee de Paris ~ nearly 700 old vehicles take to the winter streets of Paris to show off and to (sometimes) go fast.
  • January thru March  ~ Expo photo steampunk : Le Paris des Mystères ! ~ My images as part of a shared effort with many creative people will be shown in Lille.  Stay tuned for further information.
  • February 4-8 ~ Retromobile ~ A fabulous show of old/vintage vehicles
  • February 15 ~ la Promenade de Boeuf Gras ~ A fabulous Carnival-style defile through the streets of Paris.
  • March 15 ~ la Fete des Blanchisseuses ~ A fabulous Carnival-style defile through the streets of Paris.
If you know of something that needs to be added, please let me know.

Scenes from a Walk

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Exposition of images ~ Paris, France ~ 31 October

From friend and colleague, Arthur Morgan -

Expo photo steampunk : Le Paris des Mystères !
Je vous avais parlé il y a quelques temps d’une série de photos pour le magazine Fiction.

L’idée étaient de représenter des personnages célèbres de l’Histoire ou de la Littérature, version Steampunk, dans Paris (Fantomas, Mata Hari, Mina Murray etc).

Il a été difficile de choisir quelle photo devait être publiée tant le travail du photographe Christopher Perez était magnifique. Mais il n’en fallait que 10.

Nous avons donc décidé de faire une expo avec les autres photos.
Retrouvez les 10 portraits du magazine ainsi qu’une vingtaine de photos inédites dès novembre au Salon du Fantastique, du 31 octobre au 2 novembre 2014, Porte de Champerret à Paris.

Autres dates :
  • De janvier 2015 à Mars 2015 : Librairie Les Quatre Chemins à Lille.
In short, the images published in Fiction #19 ~ Ete will be on display.  If you're not able to see the show in Paris, we'll be in Lille for three months at the first of the year.


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Inspiration ~ Beth Moon

Last year there was a big exposition here in Paris in le jardin des plantes.  I missed it.  It was reportedly a nice show of Sarah Moon's work.

I was disappointed until I realized it wasn't her work that interested me.  The artist's name I'd confused should have been Beth Moon.  Two completely different countries.  Two very different cultures.  Two styles separated by a deep gulf.  I felt silly to learn I'd mixed the two names.  Growing old sucks.

I like simplicity and used to like Michael Kenna's 11x11inch silver prints.  His images reminded me of the Weston Family work and Good 'Ol St. Ansel's photography. As time passed I realized his work didn't really speak to me as deeply as others do.  It's likely related to the fact I've come to prefer the pictorialist approach to photography over literalist landscape or documentary approaches.

I'd first encountered Beth Moon's work in LensWork Magazine a number of years ago.  I was thumbing through the issue and stopped the moment I came across the first image of the series.  There was nothing to do but drink in the image, it's softness, it's light, it's powerful composition, it's beautiful realization.

She prints in platinum/palladium in a fairly large format.  While the medium enhances the presentation of her ideas, the high quality printing of LensWork left little to be desired.  Everything they shared was drop-dead gorgeous.

If ever I were to give up the complex, heavily layered, highly textured concepts and subjects I currently work in, my own approach would very likely shift toward the luminous, soft simplicity of Beth's.

Her work is a real inspiration.

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