Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All Hallows Eve ~ Dark Themes

Occasionally the Muse reaches out and swivels my head in a different direction.

Up to some point this Fall I had been working to express beauty in white on white images. All Hallows Eve loomed and my mind suddenly turned dark.


Working with one of my favorite expressive extremely creative models, Eyerish Heather Collins, we developed a couple ideas for a photoshoot where we would work black on black.

As the photoshoot approached I had difficulties "seeing" something useful and interesting.

The day before our shoot, Eyerish asked if she could bring two friends. Meghann Rose and Myrk Kauna were to join us for the three person event in front of my lens.

Baron Samedi

When my wife and I went to pick up our models, my chin dropped at the sight of them. What they expressed and how they dressed were beyond my wildest dreams. Suddenly my concern for what to capture flew out the window as I was presented with one of the best opportunities I've had for making fun and interesting images in a rather long time.

I asked Myrk what had represented. His reply was, "Baron Samedi". That was it! Our theme and our purpose.

Muses Bow

I'm thrilled with the outcome of this shoot.

I worked to include Gothic elements from images I made earlier this Fall in Paris, France. Which reminds me. I need to start a blog on a Bohemian Moves to Paris. That aside, the images from Paris lent themselves very well to what I felt as I worked through the 1200+ images we made that day.

The Baron with his Muse and Mistress

Up to this photoshoot, I was seriously considering selling my lighting gear just before our move and never working in the studio like this again.

I may have to reconsider that position.

While I'm at it, I need to publicly thank HamburgerSteaky for uncovering the seed of desire to move to Paris that was planted nearly 30 years ago. He brought up just how wonderful it would be to have an atelier in Paris to make images in. Thank you, HamburgerSteaky! You know who you are.