Friday, September 10, 2010

More Obscure Ideas...

Madonna Engine

Once I started down this path, I could see the ideas and realizations unfolding in front of me. There's no slowing me down at times like this.

The original idea came from looking at other people's work on Flickr. Over the past couple years I could see where the ideas and presentations were becoming ever more sophisticated.

Aeronaught Etherius

In similar time, I read a few books by Neil Gaiman and Neil Stephenson. Some of the visuals scenes and descriptions of people in certain settings started me to thinking. Once the thoughts took hold I knew I needed to try my hand at photo-manipulation.

The visual genres that have appealed to me for some time now has been around Steampunk and Noir Victorian Gothic. All I need to do as I read various authors is to close my eyes and "see". After that, it's a simple matter of composing a series of images and working them to completion.

Can you tell how much I'm enjoying this new expression of my art?

Rising Motion - Age of Mutations