Friday, September 25, 2009

Twin Paradox Cafe' - show through October 2009

My Alternative History - Images from the Age of Steam show hangs at Twin Paradox Cafe, 8609 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR through October 2009.

Artist statement:

Philosophies et Images

de l’autre cote’
du Multiverse
Capture Photonique des Age
de Victoria,
de Vapeur,
de Tribal,

de Shamanism,
de Punk

I have stumbled upon something improbable, something astounding, something of incredible rarity and beauty which I would now like to share. Images from across a “Seam” that has suddenly opened between various Ages have, quite unexpectedly, become available to this our current Age. These photonic creations have withstood the incredible stresses of alternative reality Multiverse time sharing to be revealed here for perhaps the first time in this, the post-Modern Age.

To the contemporary mind, the best explanation of what can take place in parallel Ages of alternative reality goes something like this: Think about what might have happened if Victorian Age steam power was never supplanted by oil. Think of how a Victorian Age Steam culture might have evolved as new technologies and applications were made upon culture and society. Ponder a moment on how a Shamanic or Tribal Age might have grown as tribes and peoples lived and learned and applied their crafts and talents. Or consider the impact of a continuing vibrant and fully functional Noir Gothic society.

The tear in the fabric of the Multi-verse, the “Seam” between Ages which have allowed these photonic creations to pass this way appears to have weaved itself once again closed. As time passes, the portraits from other Ages have become ever more tattered and torn. A significant amount of information has been lost.
These are amongst the last alternative reality photonic portraits to pass this way. However, if anything further comes my way, I will be quite joyed to share them.

Your Humble Servant – Christopher Mark Perez
~ Original Photographic Prints ~

$200 – matted, framed

Care has been taken to ensure the highest and most long lasting qualities in the preparation of photographic images and related materials. Prints are prepared using 200 year archival pigment on acid free cotton fiber papers.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

ProPhoto Supply - Gallery Show

A portion of my In the Railyard is showing through the month of September, 2009 at ProPhoto Supply in downtown Portland.

So as you head down to order your new Canon 7D, take a moment and have a look in the entry way gallery before you talk to Dave Cleary about your new toy.