Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back in the day...

Back when my adopted daughter was in college, she would periodically come back for a visit. Each time the kids would come home I would see if there was a "theme" we could use for making a few photos. Something to capture a "memory" of what was.

In similar time, I was quickly working my way through various camera setups and had just acquired a new studio light setup. The lighting was Alien Bees, which I very much enjoy using. The camera gear was something I had picked up at a photoswap after selling a beautiful but very unreliable Hasselblad system. The replacement was a larger than the 'blad Mamiya RZ kit.

People I spoke with said that Zeiss was the best. Period. I reluctantly started using the Mamiya RZ. I was thinking about how it's optics couldn't stand up to the 'blad and their Zeiss glass. This photo-session taught me to not be concerned about Mamiya optics. This is a Good Thing(tm). You see, the Mamiya RZ has proven to be utterly reliable and the final images are every bit the match for anything I ever squeezed out of a Hasselblad.

On this occasion, my daughter started goofing around with a raccoon tail that someone had given me. One thing led to another and suddenly I'd run through a whole roll of 120 film. Those were nice times. Things got ugly between us later. I miss the good times.

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