Friday, April 09, 2010

... running into the unknown... [3]

One of my creative modes seems to be drawing me into areas that may be difficult for viewers of my work to "connect" with, get, understand, and even enjoy. Yet I can't stop myself.

Seraphic Society - Viola Rose (Butoh in fractured dimensions)

The idea that there are as many views of reality as there are viewers drove a concept of varying areas of an image. Each modified area represents a different aspect of reality.

My first implementations of this concept are rather graphic. Straight lines. Modified tones and textures. Varying colors.

Seraphic Society - Shelley Frederick (Butoh)

Yet I can see the first images based on this concept are likely to be considered immature. That is, they don't quite say what I want them to say. Not yet, at least. Hence immaturity.

I used to be bothered by immature work. Not any more. Or not as much any longer. The roughness of immaturity has worn off enough that I can now post to view and consider works in transition. I find I can use this time to evaluate and ponder where to take a concept, which direction feels right.

Seraphic Society - Viola Rose (Butoh)

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