Thursday, June 07, 2012

... just as quickly...

Just as quickly as the muse arrives to make a "straight" image (see my prior post), she turns and opens the enormous heavy oak doors to reveal a different sister muse.  The first muse leaves and slams the doors behind her.  The second muse comes in and sits herself right down and says "Now is the time to get on with it.  Got it?"

My wife and I had a visitor.  She was a neighbor of ours back in the States who had come over for a two week science study of marmots in the Alps.  We had laughed, shortly before I lost my job in high tech, that it'd be good fun if we met up in Paris after her study was complete.

Our change of life experiences was so vast and so complete that we indeed had the opportunity to see our neighbor.  Right here.  In Paris.  For three full days of fun and exploration.

Study in Anthropomorphism [2]
 Our world is not as it first appears...
The line to the Louvre was long and reached from the pyramid all the way back to the gates of the original pre-pyramid entry.  We stood there and hem'd and haw'd trying to decide if we wanted to stand in line for hours.

But, since we couldn't figure out what else to do, and since the line looked like it might be moving nicely, we walked to the end of the line and joined the queue.

We bitched and moaned and complained about all kinds of things.  Which led to a conversation with an Australian couple who were just in front of us in line.  It was a great way to pass the time and before we knew it, 20 minutes had passed and we were going through the screening station inside the pyramid.  Another 20minutes standing in line to get our tickets and we were on our way to see the Vermeers.

Alas, the Vermeers had to wait.

The three of us got completely lost into our own worlds as we experienced the incredible [Bob] Marley statues and the religious stone carvings that date from over 500 years ago.  I had never been in this wing of the Louvre, so it came as a very pleasant surprise to find this treasure trove of incredible art.

I knew fairly quickly that something interesting might come from the visit.

Mortal Soul Revealed

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