Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Working with an old Burke and James 8x10inch view camera

Recovering yet another page off my old old website... c.1990's

Recovered: Lost images... Around a decade ago, I purchased a Burke and James 8x10 view camera outfit. I found it at a local photo swap. It came with a few film holders, a case, a darkcloth, and a like new mint 12 inch Kodak Commercial Ektar f/6.3 lens. I quickly scrounged a tripod to hold the camera and headed out for a few shoots.

At the time I rode motorcycles. Lots of them. Being in the community of riders, I had access to some pretty sweet machines. So I lined my friends up and started taking photos of them with their scoots.

The images here were recovered recently. I moved to a new home and mislaid a bunch of things that I wanted to reprint. Rummaging through boxes I found some of what I was looking for. The prints here were made prior to the move. They look great. The contact 8x10 inch prints gleam and glow. There's nothing like a little film, a big camera, and subject matter. Oh, and that Ducati was mine. I later sold it to pay the mortgage off on the old place.

Ducati 750GT (redone in the style of a Sport)

Vincent Rapide and the owner of Langlitz Leathers

Norton 850 Commando and a good friend  
BSA Gold Star 500cc and it's owner/restorer
Norton Manx 500cc and a good friend


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