Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Gimp Magazine #4 has landed!

Gimp Magazine number 4 is available online as of today.

Your Humble Servant (thank you, M. Henry Manney) is conspicuously featured throughout the issue.  It's nice to see how good graphic artists can make a person look good.  Steve, the managing editor, even put a short video together.  What fun!

Here is how he promoted the latest release -

After a long career in software engineering and being an active promoter of open source software since RedHat 5.0, Christopher Perez, photographer of the outré, is now retired and living his dream in Paris, France.

I stumbled across Christopher’s work on Flickr.  I was so impressed by the style of his work that I found myself reviewing his entire portfolio, suddenly realizing that he works with GIMP.  Immediately I contacted him and asked if he would be willing to be a part of the magazine.  Graciously he said yes.  He worked with Debi Dalio to create not only the cover story, but three other significant articles in Issue #4 including our Master Class.

In my view Christopher is a very unique individual as he is not only an exceptional photographer, but also a highly talented digital artist.  I find this mix of talent to be rare — most people are either gifted in one area or the other, while Christopher is incredibly gifted in both.  Christopher also has a wide range of photography that we get to explore in Issue #4 from very bold to very beautiful (shown above) and everything in between.  I will caution you that some of his bold work is very dark and may leave you with a haunting feeling — it is that powerful.

This is a real honor to have Christopher Mark Perez featured in our magazine.  The fact that he works with GIMP is proof that GIMP is an incredibly powerful image manipulation package.  Please check out Issue #4 that is launching on September 4th 2013 right here at  I also highly recommend that you not only download the free digital version that we offer here and on but to also purchase the print version at .  It is the only way to truly experience all of the high-quality, print-resolution images.  We can’t wait to launch this!


Patrick David said...

Congratulations on being featured in the magazine! One only has to spend 5 minutes perusing your work to see that it's a well deserved place to be featured so much! :)

Christopher Perez said...

Thank you, Patrick. Very kind words coming from the Master Technician Himself. I love your stuff and the way you approach it using technologies you've taken the time to understand. Keep up the great work!!!