Friday, January 24, 2014

Contest time! WIN a free beer!!

Here's another in my long running, never yet won, series of "Guess the Lens!" photography contests.

The game is this: Correctly guess one of the two lenses and I'll give you one of the bottles of beer I photographed.  To collect your prize, I will be happy to meet you at the Rugby Bar of my choice in Paris, France.

For this contest I will increase your chances of winning by 100 percent by giving different two lenses, with side by side photos to study.  Make sure you look at the images at 100 percent.  No sense in throwing away resolution by looking at just the small images posted here.  Enlarge them.

To make things even easier, I will eliminate some of the extraneous guesswork by providing a few details.
  • Canon 7D
  • In-camera image sharpening set to 3 (considered by some to be too low for the 7D, but I like it)
  • Tripod mounted
  • ISO set to 100
  • Exposure set to AV
  • Careful manual focusing in Live View
  • Shutter release by 2 second delay
  • CR2 images converted to jpg in DPP
  • Tasty subject worth buying cases of (IMNSHO)
Here is the overall scene.

Looks tasty, just as advertised, right?  :-)

Here are 100 percent crops of the off-lens-center label area.  There might be a clue or two in this by considering how fast each lens drops resolution as you head to the edges of the frame.  Or not.

Here are 100 percent crops of the center of each frame.  This should be where both lenses are at their sharpest.  Right?

Finally, here are 100 percent crops of the top of the liquid in the foremost bottle.  Take particular care in observing the window highlight area found on the right of each image.  The lenses treat this area differently.  There could be a clue in this.  Or perhaps not.  You get to decide.

For extra points and a second bottle of beer, tell me what aperture each lens was set at.  Half marks (as in half a bottle) if you correctly indicate the lens makers.  Are they some combination of Zeiss, Leica, Canon, Pentax, Jupiter (Russian), Sigma, Schneider, or something not yet mentioned?

Good luck.

On your marks.  Get set.  Go!

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