Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Ninja ~ Out of the Age of Steam [troisieme part]...

 I watch 500px.com and 1x.com and watch their "Popular" streams.  Ideas sometimes occur to me.

One day rather recently I stumbled across two images that made me stop and go "hmmm..."  For whatever reason, my being tired or stressed with an up-coming return visit to the States, I felt I couldn't make a decent image.

Jude (my wife) noticed and mentioned something about being a perfectionist.  That's probably the way it is for me.

I knew with the way I was feeling that I needed to give image processing a day or two of rest.

Thinking very long and hard about how the two images I liked were made, I wanted to improve my own approach to image processing.  A little research using The Force (google) lead me to the realization that the image styles I liked were approaches that I myself had been taking for a few years.

Armed with this understanding, I revisited a series of images I made with Tithann Thanh as part of a steampunk effort with Arthur Morgan and a French publishing house.  Yes.  That was more like it to my way of seeing things.  Watch this full screen in 1080p or 720p (whichever your computer monitor is best at).

My continued and many thanks to Arthur Morgan for connecting me to the Paris Steampunk community.

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