Saturday, December 07, 2013

Next edition of the Gimp Magazine is about to launch...

... and Your Humble Servant Photographer (YHSP) will have another Masters Class tutorial published therein.

Here is what Steve (the editor) kindly says -

Christopher Perez is back with his master class tutorial titled ”Gum Over Palladium”.  This is an eight page tutorial that shows you how to create the image style shown above using a series of filters and color gradients. We are working hard on the final editing and preparations for Issue #5 of GIMP Magazine.  Please join us on December 11 to make this our best launch ever.  You will not be disappointed!  In the mean time be sure to check out Christopher’s image gallery on flickr linked above.

In related news, I will be leading two workshops early next year at WICE.  The first will be an advanced level image processing class.  This course will cover a lot of ground and will illustrate how to make a good photograph "pop"!  The second course will be a re-run of last Spring's studio lighting photography course.  Following in the footsteps of the Masters, we will explore how to make use of light in the studio.

Betty Page Rocketeer ~ by Riddle

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