Saturday, July 26, 2014

Confusion and doubt...

After a photoshoot where I wasn't entirely pleased with the results, I've thought long and hard about lighting and composition.

It helps to have a talented creative people to.  I rely on them, in fact.  Yet, if I don't my part, it doesn't matter how talented nor how creative a model is.

I was recently contacted by sean360x.  He was in town and was wondering if we could do a shoot together.  The theme would be steampunk.  We would share the studio rental costs so I said "sure."

The theme is one I'm familiar with.  It's my stock and trade these days.  In fact, my good friend Arthur Mogan asked me earlier this week for four more "steampunk-like" images for another Mook.  It will hit the streets on October 15th, 2014.  It's another wonderful opportunity and I can't wait!  The thought  of shooting more steampunk, however, left me feeling adrift as to how to proceed.

This year has been good for publications and my work.  For the past 12 month the latest work will put my publishing total at 5 (FIVE!) great opportunities.  First there was the LensWork #111 with my work on Paris cemeteries.  Then there were two issues of the Gimp Magazine where I gave tutorials and had a portfolio of work printed.  This was followed quickly by a large work of images that appear in Fiction #19 (a magazine book called a MOOK) here in France.  And now this newest prize.  Soon to be followed by gallery shows in Lille, Lyon, and Paris, yes, _that_ Paris!

Yet... and yet, I was not confident going into this latest shoot.

I worried about the lighting.  Some more.  I worried about composition.  Some more.  I worried about my ability to capture something shared between a talented creative person and myself in creating an image.  Some more.

As we started the shoot I shared these fears with sean360x.  He, as an Egyptian god, smiled, nodded, and we got down to the business of creation.

There was no firm creative ground to stand on.  I didn't feel at all confident about my abilities.  Which might explain many things about where I am with my art.  Constantly seeking, constantly trying to improve, and constantly studying the works of others while sorting out how to incorporate all these things into my own work stream makes for rather arduous going.

A rational question, the very first question that leaps to my mind, at least, is how to proceed in the face of uncertainty?

The answer?  I have no idea what the answer is.  Really.  I don't.

Perhaps the Magic comes of it's own accord?  Perhaps the Muse dictates what will happen and when?   It's very frustrating.

Whatever the reason, and very much in spite of myself, circumstances have conspired to confuse me even further.  A quick look at the results confirmed that we had come away with something amazing.  I can't wait to process more images from this most recent shoot.

Sean360x ~ Gods (a series)

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