Sunday, September 27, 2015

Coming attractions...

So... what to do in the coming months?  Here are a few ideas -

  • DONE - 3 October, 2015 - Paris Zombie Walk - Looking for people with bits falling off in the most ghastly manner possible?  Then this will be the place to be!  If the weather holds I'll likely try my hand at erecting a backdrop and posing the recent near dead in front of le fond.
  • DONE 5-9 November, 2015 - Salon de la Photo - Looking to fondle and touch camera gear and maybe see a few good images or buy some new piece of kit?  This is a huge trade show and all the big photo-companies have their wares on display.  I bought my lovely Sony A6000 at this show last year.  Seriously, all the tasty stuff is here.
  • DONE 27-29 November, 2015 - Vingerons Independent - Looking for a good time or to get lost sampling wine from over 1,100!!! independent producers?  Looking for a reason to walk funny after a few hours of sampling the goods, as it were?  Looking to stock up the cave for the winter? Besides, you _know_ you need help processing those images and the Gift of Bacchus could be just the new "app" you need to "enhance" your sense of creativity.
  • 10 January, 2016 - la traversee de Paris - Old cars.  Old motorcycles.  700+ vehicles running the streets of Paris.  Free.  Liberated.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.  This will be the winter edition and the past three years have been surprisingly dry, if not a little cold.  I hope by saying this I don't jinx the next year's event.
  • 3-7 February, 2016 - Retromobile - Old cars.  Old motorcycles.  LOTS of photo-opportunities. I've visited this place every year since moving here.  It's just wonderful.
  • 7 February, 2016 - Carnival Parade - Paris is trying to revive it's ancient tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras.  Last year the best groups were from the Americas and boy did they put on a show!
  • 6 March, 2016 - Fetes de Femmes - I missed this event last year.  Can't remember why.  But... women and men show up dressed as a queen.  It sounds like fun.  We'll have to see... er... wait.  Hold on.  I'll be away for the month of March.  Something about needing to replenish our supply of porto.  Damn!  Well, a person needs to do what a person needs to do, right?  Good luck.  Have a great time.  

That is all.

Gods and Goddesses ~ Louvre
This is a rather odd position
to be giving a loved one a
scalp massage, isn't it?

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