Friday, February 11, 2011

SilverShotz - model credits

Fourteen images have been published in SilverShotz magazine. Since there wasn't room in the publication to credit the models, I want to do that here.

First, on the inside front cover is Eyerish Heather Collins.

Bogville - Eyelet V. Wayward

Jay Lieber

Bogville - Mordalial Abrams

Uxepi Ipexu

Bogville- Maestro Crunk Vaultz


Bogville - LadyShade

This is bad form. I don't remember who this is.


Grayson White

Bogville - just before the show

Kris White



Bogville - they Mayor's Son

Noah Mickens

Bogville - Mayor in repose

Kate Badenoch

Bogville - Malachi


Erio said...

Mr. Perez,

Congratulations on your latest published piece. You are moving and shaking up the ladder. Great to see you doing so well... Keep it up!


Christopher Perez said...

This coming from the Master Himself. Thank you very much.