Monday, March 07, 2011


Duchess of the French Court

The longer I live in Portland the more I absolutely love it here. The creative energy is vibrant, accessible, and, well, it certainly helps me feel part of the whole "scene" when I can contribute to the image making fun.

Recently a nice young lady, whom we shall call Ivy Slime, contacted me to see if I would help her out. She runs an Etsy store-front under the name "WigSplitters". Ivy sells wigs and other Victorian style regalia.

Duchesse en Profile

I keep my eyes open for new photo-making opportunities, particularly when they involve image styles I'm attracted to. Noir Victorian Gothia, Tribal Fusion, Steampunk, Oilpunk, and Cyberpunk are themes that currently "turn my crank".

My model was stuck in another city. So I called Ivy to ask if we could/should still continue with the photoshoot. Miracle of miracles! She had someone already lined up and they were on their way to the studio.

Katarina was a complete novice in front of the camera. She was a little nervous I think. Yet she held it together very nicely for the duration of the shoot. In fact, I would never have known she was nervous unless Ivy had made the interpretation for me.

Have I ever said how much I enjoy this kind of work? Oh, maybe only a million or more times!

Energy Waveform Ingenue


Creepy Dream Factory said...

Beautiful pictures!

Erio said...

I really can see the passion of love you have for what you are doing now. Of course it is now reaping benefits for you! Congratulations on finding what it is that drives you and moving forward to push it more profoundly!

Christopher Perez said...

Thank you both very much.

It's taken every single day of the past five years since I switched from film to digital to develop certain image ideas.

I'm not done. I don't know where this will lead. I'm not sure when I'll be completely satisfied with the results. But I'm getting there. One image at a time.