Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to get into the groove...

Now the my wife and I are settling into our new home I have a little time to expand my vision and see if I can't plan to make a few nice images.

First, I need to work a few new techniques to see if I can't express the previously un-expressable.

Weathered Whispers

I have to say, it's very exciting to be surrounded by so many incredible opportunities and such a wonderful sense of life and living.

The wine and foods here taste better than I remember them, and we were here only 7 months ago!

The shopping and walking is getting me into shape, I hope, for making the photographic connections into Paris' creative arts community.  I can't wait for our first serious shoot here.  It's possible that it'll be with the Steampunk folks.

Weathered Whispers

Oh man! this is just too good to be true... the risks taken and the work it took to get here are, so far, very much worth the effort...

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Erio said...

Loving the textures all ready... Looking forward to see what you come up with.