Sunday, April 15, 2012

Here we go...

What a journey!

My wife and I arrived in Paris earlier this week. Like my wife said, we'd take a couple weeks to do nothing but sleep. I sure feel tired.

I had taken a two month hiatus from taking images. It has been rough, from an artistic perspective. It felt like I was loosing my "vision", or at least it was becoming stale.

Yet, it was well worth taking a break to keep our heads down and concentrated on making the move as smooth and efficient as it was. We moved a few things into storage (a 10x10foot unit) and packed our entire lives into five 29inch suitcases. When the Big Day arrived, we climbed onto a one way flight to Europe (with IcelandAir) and went through Iceland customs where we received our Entry Stamp valid for our one year Long Stay Visa.

In total, the entire process of being laid off after 30 years of working in high tech, receiving our first bill for COBRA (WAY too high at $1100 per month), deciding to live a new dream, preparing and putting our house on the market, having it sell in 7 days!!!, flying to San Fransisco to apply for our visa in person at the French Consulate, finding places for all our things in downsizing our household, packing and making the Big Jump all happened so very quickly. It took five months and 10 days to change our lives in such a massively complete manner.

Once we landed and started to settle into our new apartment I felt inspired by the view out our front window. I had to create a new image.

la tour Eiffel ~ from the Age of Steam

This is partly what the world presented and what I saw in my mind's eye. It'll be interesting to see where this leads.


Erio said...

Congratulations Christopher! Really looking forward to reading your posts, now that you have made it to Paris...

Christopher Perez said...

Erio - It is amazing. You absolutely MUST come here and work your art. It's just beyond incredible!!! I tell you, I'm excited about furthering my own work and can only imagine what you could do once installed in a nice atelier!!!