Thursday, March 06, 2014

... a Ninja out of the Age of Steam...

While working on a new body of work to be published here in Europe, one of our  models brought an extra change of clothes unrelated to the original project.  After shooting for an hour, we took a break, cracked open a couple beers (my wife had a nice glass of wine), chatted for a bit, and then dove into making a new series of photographs.

Ninja ~ out of the Age of Steam
 Ninja ~ out of the Age of Steam

Needless to say, I'm "blown away" by the level of creativity the model, Tithann Thanh, brought to the image making effort.  I have more photographs to work on and am anticipating coming away with an interesting story in images to share.

It's taken two years and a lot of patience to get connected with the group of creative people here.  Now that I'm learning who's who in the community (with a MILLION thanks to Paris-based writer Arthur Morgan), I hope the models remember me in the future. I would really like to continue to work with all the wonderful people I've met over the past three weeks of working on the original project.  I would love to work with folks to make a few more interesting image-based stories.


Check out the eye detail.  This is a 100 percent crop from the full rez file (click on the image to enlarge).


Debi Dalio said...

This looks awesome. I'd love to see more in the steampunk ninja series.

Christopher Perez said...

Thanks, Debi. I'll work some more on the Ninja series after I get through with the arts and lit project. :-)