Thursday, March 06, 2014

Saved by equipment... or not...

We all know about how cell/mobile/portable phones have replaced point and shoot cameras.  But what about the rest of the market?  Well, here's something just posted on Canon Rumors that breaks it all down.

In short, consumption of camera equipment is decreasing.  The incredible "mirrorless" camera market growth has stalled.  Camera sales seem to be down 40 percent, year over year, 2012 to 2013.

Interesting, isn't it?

Or perhaps a better question would be what impact might all this have on our abilities to make artistic, creative images?  You likely already know my position on the topic.  LOL!!!

Still, for those who like color eye charts, check it out.


Debi Dalio said...

Interesting statistics. As far as buying new cameras and lenses goes, for non-professionals, once someone (like me) acquires a really nice camera body and lens, why would I buy another one any time soon? Maybe a new lens of a different type, but, given the cost and having to lug all that equipment around, not very likely.

But how seriously can I take something that's "porfessional" and "isnpiring"? :D

Christopher Perez said...

Debi, I've owned my current stash of gear is going on 6 years and I'm _still_ learning out to get the most out of the system. "Porfessional" or not, there is a lot of room to grow.

I chuckle at the thought of people buying gear because it'll make them "better" photographers. After a certain point, you really have to just get "down to it" and do something. :-)

Debi Dalio said...

I agree. My equipment is way better than I'll (probably) ever be. I can use my current gear for years and simply work on my techniques. The only other lens I might buy would be a macro for extreme close-ups.