Friday, November 14, 2014

Pixel Peeping and the Real World... le troisieme part

After the prior two posts a reader could probably have guessed it would come to this.

Size and mass differences?  What do you think?

How is the image quality?  Relying completely on the AF systems of each camera and making no allowances for best aperture or anything else that folks might feel is rather important, and not having taken any steps to "dial in" the image sharpening algorithms, have a look and let me know what you think.

Look at these at 100percent and tell me which is which.

Visiting le Salon de la Photo today I was met with a pleasant surprise.  In celebration (or promotion) of the show, the A6000 boitier nu was 100Euros off (not the anticipated 50Euros price drop) and came with a 4 year guarantee.  It's hard not to bite with those kinds of incentives.

Before I bit, however, I went over to Canon's stand to look closely at the SL1/100D micro-DSLR.  I had my NEX5/30mm Sig with me.  It struck me how the front to back length of the Sony setup matched the front of the SL1/100D viewfinder to back.  The Canon had no lens on it either.  I put the Dinosaur down and walked over to the in-show camera shops to find the one who had a boitier nu.

Next up: A serious test in the studio to make sure the A6000 performs as well as the Old Beast 5D MkII.

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