Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's driving me crazy...

While we're in the process of moving out of the US, I've had to put my image making "on hold". It's driving me nuts

Rising Motion - Age of Mutations

I love the creative process and haven't had a moment to spend working any of the images that interest me. Further, it'll likely be at least three months after landing in Paris before my portable studio lighting, backdrops, and stands arrive.

I'll have my wee-point and shoots (Sony NEX5) as well as my big DSLRs with me. So local "touristy" images are likely all I'll get to make for awhile.

Alternative History - Age of Hunter

The things that are really calling me are related to the themes of Steampunk, Oilpunk, and Retro-Future. I can "see" the kinds of images I want to make...

... patience... patience... patience...

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