Friday, March 16, 2012

A short pause to consider...

I have been running two or three sites on the internet for many years now. I started by hand editing a web-site that was hosted by our ISP. It became somewhat popular for it's large format and medium format lens testing that Kerry Thalmann and I performed with film cameras and systems. I posted a few other "reports" on cameras and image quality.

Jinn ~ Bogville

The time for "" to end has come. With a move out of the US, my wife and I will no longer need nor use our old ISP. It's been a great service and I have learned a lot about web sites and what to do and what to avoid.

Shortly after a friend recommended Flickr, I joined and started posting my palladium print images. I thought I would put a few works in progress up on the site and see what happened. I quickly learned that Flickr was a great site for sharing images with a very broad group of viewers. I also learned to contribute to different "groups" on that web site. I witnessed the power of what I'll call the collective viewing of images.

Dandy ~ Bogville ~ Gypsy Dust

It all started 7 years ago.

I can look back over these 7 years and see how my image making has improved. Vastly, some might say. I started by posting images made with film cameras and quickly transitioned to posting images made digitally. With this change in technology came a rapid increase in productivity. It was easy to review my results publicly and to make changes in successive image projects.

The statistics page tells me that my work has received well over 1 MILLION views in 7 years.

Think about that a moment.

Rachel Brice ~ Art Nouveau

What gallery could you hang your art in where you could get these kinds of "eyes"? What public forum could you use the feedback you receive to hone and shape future work?

It boggles my mind. Truly, it does.

I know the approach works well for me because of all the work that's been published and all the fine creative people I have met through Flickr.

Baron's Wraithe

This set represents the images that I think work well and express my vision in the best possible manner. While not thematic, perhaps you can see how my work relates across time, across ideas, and across bodies of work.

My images have been published worldwide in the following locations and publications -

A steampunk book published out of England sometime this summer, 2012.

"1000 Steampunk Creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, & Art", Curated and presented by Dr. Grymm, with Barbe Saint John, copyright 2011 by Quarry Books, pages 60 and 61 (USA)

"Victorian Gothic", Images published across 16 pages of Silvershotz Magazine, January 2011 (Great Britain)

"In the Railyard" Selections from a larger work published in The Center for Fine Art Photography's "Portfolio Showcase, Volume 3" (USA)

"Age of Steam" ~ New Visions, published in November 2009, Photolife Magazine (Canada)

"In the Railyard" ~ LensWork Magazine, Extended issue #78 (USA)

Seraphic Society - Shelley Frederick, Viola Rose (Butoh)

I have connected with the Bohemian culture in the city I am moving from. I have worked with some of the the world's finest performers, dancers, actors, tailors, seamstresses, and musicians. I have helped share with the world the beauty in their art.

As we prepare to make the jump to Paris, France, I have made connections with publishers and editors there, as well as made the first tentative links into the Parisian steampunk community.

I'm looking forward to continuing to create images, regardless of where I live. Flickr helped me share my work worldwide, and I know whatever I do, I will continue to post and publish my art through this incredible medium.

Rising Motion - Age of Mutations

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